Monday, March 17, 2008

pet peeves.

1. when my sock starts slipping off of my foot and i can't fix it without having to take my shoe off.
2. chewing gum that's lost it's flavor, but no where to spit it out.
3. people that talk like valley girls. (except for christine. ;))
4. hard-to-open packaging.
5. videos that lag.
6. ppl dat tYpe lyk3 dis.
7. people that stand over my shoulder and watch me work.
8. the pronunciation of picture as "pitcher."
9. people that don't shut the microwave after they use it.
10. my ipod running out of batteries in the middle of a really good song.

sadly, i experienced all of these today. haha. oh well. still a good day. weeee!

1 comment:

christina magalona said...

i do 7 in spencer...
sometimes 'pitcher' just slips.
i can't help it!